The Momentum of Self-Worth Recovery

At first, the path to empowerment and self-worth recovery can be quite a bumpy road! We are not yet sure what we are doing or where we are actually going. We haven’t received the benefits of a recovered self-worth and setbacks can feel monstrous. We may gain five steps forward and begin to feel great only to be catapulted backward when something triggers our unworthiness and shame. Whammo! Although it may be a little setback, it can feel as big as the planet Jupiter! Oftentimes, this mechanism will make us feel depressed, deflated and hopeless. We feel like nothing will ever change and we want to give up on ourselves before we have even really begun.

STOP. You are not alone, my friend. I understand, because I’ve been there…

Cultivating our self-worth takes time. Time and momentum. Our unworthiness didn’t happen overnight and much like losing weight, it’s not going to drop off overnight. However, once we begin forward movement, momentum comes. Our “good” days become our driving force and we become inspired to keep moving. We begin to recognize what is working for us and start to crave even more!


Empowerment takes tenacity. It’s the inner calling of our soul to continue our drive forward that will bring us to our destination. Oftentimes, on our journey, we will experience a plethora of triggers and false beliefs that need our attention and fortunately for us, they don’t all come storming in at once! If they did, we would become massively overwhelmed and most likely stop the journey.

Instead, our triggers pop up here and pop up there during interpersonal relations and situations. We have to become conscious of our triggers and be willing to do the work as they arise. When each false belief or trigger happens, we can choose a better perception and act from that place rather than the false ones we’ve historically been reacting too. It becomes similar to the game, “Whack-a-mole” where keenly watch for the little bugger to pop up and then deal with each one accordingly.

I frequently hear from clients, that it just wasn’t the right time. What is the “right time?” If we “wait for a better time”, we will always be putting our healing into the future. It’s the processing of triggers/emotions as they come that leads us through the turmoil and into a better serving awareness.


Unfortunately, we cannot have healing and empowerment if we are not aware of where we going wrong. Aligning our spirit and minds for conscious awareness is key. As I stated earlier, upon entry, self-worth recovery can be a bumpy road. It’s brand new terrain never before been challenged in our psyche. We will get jostled about a bit, but that doesn’t mean the road will stay that way. In fact, consider how all new roads are rough, bumpy, pothole-filled surfaces that once traveled enough, become smoothly paved.

This is the path of empowerment.

It’s about committing to the bumpy road first while fully knowing it will get better!

My friend and fellow coach, Sue Markovitch, uses the metaphor, “Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot.” With this, she is expressing the need to keep moving forward no matter what. Don’t let setbacks stop you! You are in control of your life and by continually moving forward, you will indeed receive all that you have been striving for.

It’s time to believe in yourself and give yourself grace in the process.  YOU matter!

Your thoughts?

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