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How To Recognize Your Intuition

Intuition:  The ability to acquire knowledge without inference or use of reason.  It comes from the Latin word, “Intueri” which translates into “to look inside”.

Intuition is one of my favorite subjects!  I love to hear stories of how peoples’ inner knowing guided them forward into something great, warned them of something dangerous or helped them aid in another’s growth.  It is our connection with Spirit- the very essence of the Universe that we are all a part of and connected to in ways that far outreach our understanding as human beings.

Intuition is an innate gift or trait that we are each born with. We all have it.  Each and everyone of us.  Male or female.  Young or elderly.   It is an inner knowing, sense or feeling.  A gentle nudge pushing us in the right direction.  Sometimes it is a warning and other times it is clear guide to the next step we are to take in a certain direction.

 Our intuition comes in moments when our mind is free-flowing- the times that we are not attached to outcome, but are allowing for stillness.

It is best described as a whisper resonating with truth.  Our intuition does not come attached to emotion.  On the contrary, intuition feels emotionless.

Many of us have difficulty discerning between what is intuitive guidance and what is not.  Many times our intuition can be guiding us in a different direction than our thinking mind is.  With this, we are oftentimes confused as to what is real and what is not.  The best way I have learned to distinguish between the two is this:

Intuition is a whisper, fear (over-thinking mind) is a shout.

Fear yells at us. It’s emotional and subjective. It’s screaming WARNING, WARNING, WARNING even where there may not be danger. It’s the loudest voice in our head, thus the easiest one to pay attention to.

Intuition is the quiet between the fearful thoughts. It’s the moment we consider another possibility. The moment God speaks to us. It’s quiet, neutral, objective and has a different quality than normal passive thinking.

Oftentimes, we may discount our intuitive  message because it is simply not as loud or overpowering as our egoic mind is.  In moments like this it is most imperative to get quiet.  Whether your quiet comes through meditation, exercise, driving or other experiences, to truly hear your divine guidance, it is important to make time to still your mind.

I used to think I had to handle all my life’s questions and decisions by myself and  I only called upon Spirit in times of great pain and distress.  In those times I found myself repeating the same behaviors over and over again because my thinking was always the same.  I may have received guidance, but quickly discounted it because I was sure I knew better.  My egoic/fearful mind wanted to control.

We learn to trust our guidance when we take time to look over all the moments in our lives that we knew better and chose to do the opposite.  Recalling and feeling how our guidance came and learning to follow that guidance is key in living free-flowing lives rather than swimming upstream against the current of truth.

As with any practice, getting good at hearing/seeing/feeling/knowing our guidance, and then believing and acting on it, will take time.  As long as you are diligent to the practice and truly wish to connect with your higher self/Spirit, you will prevail!  Our life’s decisions and choices become much easier when we learn to connect to our center (soul/God) and trust in the divine guidance of Source.