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Do you recognize any of these behaviors in yourself?

People-pleasing                                           Self-protection

Neediness                                                     Selfishness

Approval seeking                                         Mask wearing

Desperation                                                  Disconnected and/or cold

If yes, this book is for you!

After a major life upset brought me to my knees, I set course to heal the unhealthy relationship patterns that kept repeating in my life. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, but I was willing to do whatever it took!

And. It. Worked.

I cracked the empowerment code.

There is a shame and unworthiness epidemic that plagues humanity. I believe it is the main contributor why so many relationships are disconnected, unfulfilling and eventually end.

To attract and maintain the relationships we’ve always craved, we must first reclaim our personal power. And it starts with healing the underworld that has contributed to our dysfunctional patterns.

My goal is to help you shorten the learning curve so you can experience a connected and loving relationship as soon as possible.

I’ve done all the research for you and I can help you get there.

Here’s what’s inside:

You’ll learn the traumatic life event that cracked me wide open and started my healing path. (Pg. 8)

You will learn why connecting to God is the first, most important step of your journey.  (Pg. 11)

You will learn the reason we stay in bad relationships and how to leave them with peace and empowerment. (Pg. 30)

You’ll learn why alone time is monumentally important. (Pg. 30)

You will learn how our inner dialogue contributes to our stress and anxiety and how to make the switch from negative self-talk to loving self-talk. (Pg. 49)

You’ll discover the importance of self-forgiveness and the freedom that comes with it. (Pg. 55)

You will learn what intuition is, how to recognize it and what messages to act on. (Pg. 67)

You will learn why others manipulate us and how to respond with clarity and personal power. (Pg. 73)

You will learn why boundaries are the holy grail of self-respect and how to set and maintain them. (Pg. 77-91)

You’ll understand how authenticity and vulnerability are key to mutual trust, deep connection and lasting relationships. (Pg. 94-105)

You will discover how naysayers keep us stuck, truth tellers are valuable and how defensiveness works against us. (Pg. 114-117)

You will get an in depth look into affirmations and intentions and how the Law of Attraction assists us on our healing path. (Pg. 126)

You will finally understand why meditation is vitally important in our day to day living and learn simple meditations to get you started. (Pg. 144)

If you are truly ready to change your life forever, this is where your journey begins!


Here’s to healing your self-worth and living your dream life!

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