Growth Seekers And Growth Stoppers- It’s Not Personal

One of the reasons we tend to stay small or limit our growth and potential is that it can inadvertently make others around us uncomfortable.  We begin to notice this as we share our newest insights and victories and those around us either blatantly scowl or simply start keeping distance from us.  As a doormat (disempowered person), we may immediately take this personally and being the seekers of approval we are/were, we may stop whatever we feel we did or are doing that is going to displease those around us even if that means gaining forward momentum in our lives or simply finding the light and love in situations rather than joining the bandwagon of negativity and defeat.

Recovering from our unworthiness can sometimes pose challenges to us that we didn’t expect.  I know I was quite blown away that when I began to strengthen and grow.  Some people jumped on board the healing train with me and some jumped off screaming and running for their lives while the healing train was barreling down the tracks.

At first I took this personally… until I stopped.  I decided to simply observe the dynamics that was (and still does) happening around me.  I began to see a clear and defined lineation of growth seekers and growth stoppers.  Since I hadn’t experienced this before (or at least didn’t notice), I became fascinated.  Why doesn’t everyone want to feel better?  Why doesn’t _____ want to release him/herself from suffering and move forward in his/her life?  The answers are right here and he/she wants no part of it!

I began to understand completely how easy staying a victim of life can be for so many.  Some people have gotten way to comfortable in their suffering to want to change.  They have determined that this is as good as it gets and it sucks!

I’m here to tell you it, it doesn’t have to suck!  Life is full of ups and downs.  We are thrown curve balls left and right.  But no one said life would be easy.  The whole purpose of being here is to learn.  Isn’t that what we do every day?

I cannot be angry at the ones who left my life or turned their back to the sun for that is their choice.  I do not take it personally others choose a life of struggle and dis-ease.  I do know, however, with profound certainty that it isn’t about me and nor will it be about you.

Our job is to be the best version of ourselves at any given moment.  Some day that version is brighter than the sun and sometimes that version just needs to go to bed.  Either way, how others respond or react to our growth and healing is not about us.  We must not allow others opinions of us to dampen our futures any longer.  The only person we need approval from is ourselves.  When we feel brimming with joy because we are expanding our awareness and seeking a higher level of being, we must not allow another’s behavior to stop us on our paths.

If we lose a few people along the way, it’s okay.  We can let them go with love and know that the Universe has other like-minds waiting to be dropped in our paths that will enhance our lives and development even further.

Release the need to please others along your path.  Know fully in your heart that you are only responsible for you and how YOU feel about YOU.

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