From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment Introduction


My Dearest Readers,
After I experienced a deeply profound betrayal and upset in my life that started in August of 2009, I made the conscious, dedicated, directed decision to claim victory over my circumstance.  I set course to heal and not only did I heal, my entire life began to transform right before my eyes.  I learned how my false beliefs about myself and my past behavioral patterns were creating repeating, negative scenarios in my life.  I discovered that the only power we have is the power to change ourselves no matter what anyone has done or is doing to us.  I awakened to a higher consciousness, a deeper connection to Source and my soul’s calling.  I call this new awareness “awakening to self-worth.” 
Although I have always been a “seeker”, it was a distinct two year period of time that awakened me to the understanding of how we can claim our worth and personal power at any given time if we fully commit to do so.  Even though I continue to evolve every day, I call those specific two years “The College of Kristen” because not unlike academic college, they were a time of concentrated learning, struggle, fear, balance and evolution.   It’s important to know and understand that it does not have to take a major life crisis to break you open or redirect your path!  You can make that decision right here, right now!
I call From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment a spiritual guide, because I refer to a Higher Power often.  I interchange what I call this Power throughout the text because in my estimation, there really is no name that embodies all of what He/She/It is.  I will use names such as: God, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Source, Source Energy, Universe, Universal Intelligence, Loving Essence and Higher Power.  Please understand that with any name I use, I am always referring to the Superpower of the universe as I know and understand it… All Loving and All Good.  I believe we co-create our experience with this Energy to learn love, compassion and forgiveness and to live more peacefully while we make manifest our desires.  I believe that God/Source/Spirit is pure love and anything outside of that is illusion/fear/ego.  When I refer to our “Higher Self”, I am referring to the times we are connected to Source, our Light within, Truth.  When I use the term “lower self”, I am referring to the times we are identifying with our egoic, smaller mind – the fearful disclaimer that tries to sabotage our expansion and healing.  You can also choose to view the Higher Self and lower self as the proverbial angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  I don’t claim to be a guru or master of anything nor do I claim to know all there is to know about this Power.  I only know that through experience and trial, It is real and here to guide us on our journey.
Chapter One is the only purposefully placed chapter in this book because Connecting With [My] Divinity is where my transformation began.  In this chapter I share my personal story to better acquaint you with whom I am, where I’ve been and how my transformation from doormat to empowerment began.  After Chapter One, feel free to read the chapters in any order that speaks to you.  Honor your soul by doing what feels right and true for you.  This is your journey.  The concepts and ideas of each chapter were all congruent themes running at the same time during my healing.  I didn’t stop one to begin another.  Additionally, they are the exact same concepts and ideas I continue to practice and strengthen in myself each and every day.  Each concept aligns with adopting a new way of thinking, feeling, acting and being that is consistent and supportive of self-love and self-worth.  You might also notice that some material might tend to overlap.  This is because all the models within are directly connected by the same universal laws.  I believe without a doubt that when we love ourselves first, wholly and Holy, all else falls into place.  When our highest value becomes our well-being, our life begins to shift in the most fascinating, unexpected and wonderful ways.  The path to empowerment is all about changing oneself first in order to create change in one’s life. 
The stories and excerpts within are true life situations of my own, my coaching/mentoring clients, my friends and family.  All names have been changed in order to protect and respect the privacy of others.  This book was written to spread light, awareness and to promote healing to its readers.  Although I now passionately teach the wisdom and knowledge I’ve acquired, I continue daily to learn, grow and expand my consciousness.  Self-love and personal empowerment is not a destination; it is a way of living.
My invitation to you is to read the content of this book with an open mind and heart.  Be willing to discover, uncover and own what is yours to learn and grow from and discard anything that does not ring true in your soul.  You might identify with every word in every chapter or we may have been brought together to validate a change you are already in process of.  Whatever your purpose for being here is, know it is correct and perfect for you at this time.  You found this book (or this book found you) for a Divine reason.  There are no coincidences. 
The greatest step we can ever make regarding our personal well-being and healing is the first one!  I honor the seeker in you and bow to your quest to improve the quality of your life and relationships.  I will not give you the false impression it will always be easy.  The journey to empowerment will take courage, commitment and time. The fact that you are here, however, tells me you are ready to transform your life and reclaim your personal power, confidence and joy.  Taking the first step in any recovery is the hardest and you have already done it!  I honor and congratulate you!
In closing, always remember that life is a process.  Change is a process.  Be gentle with yourself while on your journey.  Stay your course, encourage and congratulate yourself often and most importantly honor yourself for the beautiful, unique soul that you are!
With love,
Kristen Brown

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