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Are you craving an equally loving and respectful relationship, but clueless how to get it?

Are you tired of giving more than you’re getting? Or feeling alone and unimportant?

I get it, dear one, because I was there too. Not once, not twice, but at a few times.

I kept attracting partners who undervalued me and treated me as if I didn’t matter.

After a profound betrayal left me destitute and nearly homeless, I set course to stop this pattern once and for all. I knew there had to be a way and I was determined to find it.

And. It. Worked!

I now have the relationship I have always dreamed of.  I feel loved, important and valued as an equal partner.

EVERYTHING changed when I opened my mind and heart to healing the underworld that was driving my relationship pattern.

And I promise you this… It’s easier than you think!

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Great job taking a giant empowered step forward!

I look forward to chatting with you!  ~KB

Kristen is so wonderful at getting right to the heart of things and offering clear guidance that is right on time. She has helped me so much with her course, her book and podcast. Worth every penny and second spent investing in myself through her work. You are a gifted healer, Kristen, thank you!” ~Elizabeth, New Jersey

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