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Self-Love to Soulmate Formula


Our level of self-worth is directly proportional to what we attract in a partner. The treatment we’ve attracted in partners is a mirrored reflection of how we treat ourselves.


To change the pattern of disappointing and unhealthy relationships, we must heal the core of what’s creating it.


Change happens from the inside out. When we clean up our inside world, our outside world organically changes too.


Self-Love to Soulmate is a specifically designed curriculum to heal your self-worth, raise your energetic frequency and attract an equally loving and committed relationship.


You’ll learn to:

  • Clear toxic ties to the past to make energetic room for “the one”
  • Become a man/woman the opposite sex sees as “high value”
  • Feel deserving of a loving and respectful relationship
  • Effectively communicate your wants, needs and boundaries
  • Shine your authentic light so your ideal partner can find you

The course consists of:

  • 6 (60-90 minute) training calls via Zoom Meetings (video conferencing) from anywhere in the world.
  • 6 specifically designed modules and assignments to create the most fast and effective change
  • FREE copy of my book From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment- Reclaim your personal power to create the life you crave 
  • UNLIMITED email communication and support for the entirety of your training. 
  • Companion videos and audios to support and expand on what you're learning

Your cost:   $997

Here's what Elizabeth in Pennsylvania had to say:

"Kristen is so wonderful at getting right to the heart of things and offering clear guidance that is right on time. She has helped me so much with her course, her book and podcast. Worth every penny and second spent investing in myself through her work. You are a gifted healer, Kristen, thank you!"   ~Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Here's what Donna in Arizona had to say:

"When I first learned and read about Kristen's work, I had an immediate connection to her and thought wow, she gets it! As I listened to her podcasts I truly felt as though she was talking directly to me. She has done the hard work and study to provide a real life approach to coaching.  Kristen is very relatable, she took the time to understand my story & has guided me in learning the process of healing and rebuilding.   She has provided me with tools to use on a daily basis that have aided in my learning of breaking destructive patterns in my relationships by building back my self worth. I am truly grateful that I found Kristen & lucky that she lives only a ten minute drive away.  Kristen has brought me to see true possibilities for my future."  

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