From My Heart to Yours~

On the outside I appeared a spunky, confident, fun-loving woman, when internally I was plagued with self-doubt and fear.

Fear that kept me from speaking up for myself within relationships. Fear that kept me repeating a pattern of lopsided, unhealthy relationships. Fear that felt so “normal”, I had no idea it was destroying my life.

In late 2009, life challenged me with a dreadful experience that almost put me and my three children on the streets.  An experience that left me staggering to regain my footing and frantically searching for understanding.

I desperately longed for my old life, but the Universe had a much better plan for me…

By mid 2010, I couldn’t stand the emotional hell I was in. It was affecting all aspects of my life. I was determined to rise out of it, but I was clueless where to start, if I’d be successful or who I’d become in the process.

I only knew I had to try.

I refer to that time as The College of Kristen as it was a time of concentrated focus, learning, healing and awakening.

I had no idea the transformation that had taken place until I began noticing I was doing things differently. I watched as my reactions to people and life became grounded and empowered.

My  fear of disapproval had dramatically decreased. I started speaking my truth, asking for what I want and setting healthy boundaries. I was more confident, centered and peaceful.

A miraculous and powerful shift had occurred within me.

The disempowered girl of yesteryear was replaced with a woman who valued and loved herself like never before.

I was awestruck with the results of “my work”.  I wanted to shout from the rooftops:

“Listen up, everyone! You don’t have to suffer any more! There IS a way!”

In 2011, I became a certified Spiritual Life Coach and started a website and blog. I published my first book in 2014, I guest authored on multitudes of relationship websites, I appeared on local television many times and I’m the host of radically real podcast ~The Sweet Empowerment Podcast. (Oh, what fun we have there!)

Since then I have helped thousands of people heal their inner world to create an amazing outer world.

There’s a reason you found this website.  Because Universe is a crafty lil’ bugger!  Listen to your guidance, Dear One, it’s whispering to you…

“It’s time to take your power back, my sweet child. You are so worthy of a fulfilling and beautiful life! Now go get it!”


Kristen Brown is a Spiritual and Empowerment Life Coach, Author and Host of The Sweet Empowerment Podcast.  Kristen’s niche is teaching men and women how to end their unhealthy relationship patterns and attract the mutually loving and respectful relationship they’ve always craved.

Kristen’s neutrality and non-judgment can be felt by anyone who shares space with her. She has been called the “real deal” and “my safe place” by many of her clients. Kristen is deeply relatable and easy to work with as she is unabashedly open about her experiences, mistakes and personal healing journey.

To work with Kristen is to feel seen, heard and understood like you never have before. She is a transformation cheerleader!

Kristen was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona where she continues to reside with her three beautiful children and her amazing husband she calls “the gift and result of my healing”.

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