How Listening To Divine Guidance Leads To Better Outcomes

So once again the Divine stepped in and interceded with a much better plan than what was about to go down.  Here’s how…

I was in a texting conversation where a very important topic was being discussed.  I was very centered and felt very connected to Source during this conversation.  No shenanigans or egoic rantings, just presence.  All at once a whammy from the other person came through.  Whoa…. I had to stop and take a few seconds to let that one sink in and then I started to push buttons on my touch screen to respond.  Nothing.  I tried again… Nothing.  I backed out of text and tried to go to another app.. Nothing. I tried to turn off my phone and restart it.  Nothing.  It wouldn’t even shut down in order for me to reset it.

At first, I started to get annoyed and then I started to panic!  Omg, what if I can’t respond?  What if this person thinks I’m ignoring them?  What if they think I’m being mean, rude or some other negative thing?  The old worried, people pleasing Kristen started to emerge and then all at a once I just stopped and sat back.  My new pattern of surrender took over. (That in itself was fascinating to observe) I decided I was going to let this be exactly what it was – simply an inability to respond “right now.”

I said to myself:  Welp, apparently I am not supposed to respond now.  For some reason there needs to be space between our responses and I’m going to trust that this is Right. Spirit knows better than I, and I’m going to trust that. 

Some time later (still without ability to respond),my person sent another text. This text was filled with clarity and humility and compassion.  It changed the entire look and feel of the original conversation.  My person had been afraid and all their previous armored dialogue was leading me to respond in a way that honored myself, but in turn would have caused even more fear and separation for the other person.  It became quite apparent that this space needed to be created in order for a different outcome possibility.  By my lack of responding ability, my person had time to sort better through their thoughts.

We were in Spirit’s hands and we didn’t even know it. Because that pause was created, we had a completely different outcome than where we were headed.

I don’t know why this stuff still fascinates me, but it does!  I’m forever in awe of the infinite intelligence of the universe.  Times like these always make me reflect on how much I had to have missed in the past when I was trying SO hard to control, control, control. All along, I just needed to let go.

A reminder to us all to surrender the greater good for all, to God.  When we sloooooow down and keep in practice with quieting our mind, and listening to our guidance, life almost flows for us.  We are being guided all day, everyday.  We just have to open our hearts and listen.


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