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Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring to Attract and Create Healthy Relationships

Are you unfulfilled or struggling in your relationships?
Or are you having trouble finding a partner
who respects and adores you?

Hello, I'm Kristen Brown. I help men and women heal painful relationship patterns to attract and create mutually loving and respectful relationships.

After a profound betrayal left me and my three children virtually broke and homeless, I'd finally had ENOUGH of painful, unhealthy and frankly, ridiculous relationships. 

I took radical responsibility for my life and set course to heal my pattern for good. The results were so astounding, I realized I had cracked the code to attracting and creating the happy and healthy relationship we all desire.

I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, you can have the relationship you’ve always wanted. There IS a way and I can help you get there.

From my soul to yours, Welcome! You've been guided to the right place.

With Much Love,

Kristen Brown

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Reclaiming Your Personal Power 

A Raving Fan!

I randomly discovered your podcast about a month ago & have binge-listened to it, sometimes certain episodes multiple times.  Due to the nature of my job, I spend A LOT of time in my car, & you’re generally along for the ride! I lovingly refer to you as my “new BFF” & have recommended you to multiple friends.  Thank you for the light, love & wisdom you bring to the world; I appreciate you! 

With gratitude,  Suzanne

Another Raving Fan!

There is a reason why I have stuck with you after initially meeting with many other therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. From the very beginning, you have never judged or diagnosed. You have helped me get through some of the toughest times...not by prescribing anything, judging or pointing a finger.... by simply opening my eyes to something so much greater, powerful and deeper.  You have opened my eyes to the core reasons for certain behaviors and helped me to change them.

Forever grateful,  Melissa 

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