Your Best Advice Is Meant For You

September 25th, 2013

Have you ever had a moment that the most perfect words are flowing out of your mouth and into the ears of the person in struggle?  It’s almost as if you have no control of what is being said, but dang! it’s so perfect?  Those are the moments that Spirit is speaking through us – using us as a channel, a vessel to deliver the most precious message to a brother.
Now, have you ever noticed that the best advice you are dishing out, isn’t necessarily the advice you are taking for yourself?  I’m sure if many of you were radically honest with yourselves, you would say… “Uhhhhh yeah”. 
Oftentimes Spirit puts us in situations where we are not only serving as a messenger for our brothers, but we are teaching and re-teaching ourselves the same thing.  We can say it so many times outward, but we don’t take the time to listen to ourselves (inward).  Some may say we are “too close to the situation” and this may very well be true; however, who better to know you than you?  We already know deep inside what would be most empowering for us, but we often choose the path of least resistance.
Forward Movement:  If you take a moment to notice the repeating conversations in your life and the message you keep delivering, I’m sure if you take a closer look, there is a place in your life where this advice is meant for you.  Yes, we all need/love/enjoy to have neutral ears to sound our “stuff” off of, but sometimes the best awarenesses come from within.  Be willing to find the common denominator in your life and then trust your words!  Your best advice is meant for you.

2 responses to “Your Best Advice Is Meant For You”

  1. Definitely true.The best awareness comes from within ourselves. I really appreciate your insights about life. Thank you for sharing.

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