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Coaching Packages

Deep Immersion –  $299  

2-hour single session. 60-minute coaching sessions can sometimes leave a client wishing for more time together. In this 2-hour immersion, the client experiences a better sense of completion and a clearer understanding of their next best steps.   *Recommended for first-time clients. In-person, Phone or Skype options.

Touch Base Package –  $450 

(3) 60-minute sessions scheduled in consecutive weeks. Designed for the client who enjoys a slower pace with space for processing. In person, Phone or Skype options.

The Sweet Six Package –  $840

(6) 60-minute sessions scheduled in consecutive weeks. For the client who desires a deep immersion but enjoys shorter sessions, spaced apart for processing time. In person, Phone or Skype options.

VIP Day  $699

VIP Days are 5-hour coaching immersions designed for clients who are on fire for a radical shift! A nutritious lunch included. In person only.

Conscious Coupling Workshop - $560

This workshop is for couples interested in healing a struggling relationship or transforming a good relationship to an Amazing! relationship. Workshop requires (2) 2-hour immersion sessions. This workshop is not intended as couples coaching. It is a classroom to learn the art and science of conscious coupling. In person only.

Clients traveling to Arizona for Couples Workshop and VIP Days are responsible for their own travel and accommodations. Nearby hotels recommended upon request.