What Is Self-love And How Do I Achieve It?

August 14th, 2014

Currently, there seems to be a large mystery regarding what self-love is.  Most people try to compare the love feelings they have for others to the feelings they have about themselves and repeatedly come up short.  That is because self-love is mostly about “action” and not about gooey, warm feelings.  However, I’m not discounting that through appropriate action, you may very well begin to feel a loving, tenderness toward yourself. 
The “actions” associated with self-love are as follows:
Self-love is having compassion for oneself.  It’s about understanding the innocence behind our not-so-flattering behaviors and then being willing to forgive ourselves for making poor decisions for not having the confidence to act in a powerful way at that moment.
Self-love is about protection.  Not protection in the “armor our heart” kind of way, but in the way that we would protect those we love. It’s about being aware enough and confidence enough to refrain from putting ourselves in situation where we may receive bodily harm and/or emotional abuse.
Self-love is kindness.  It’s being as gentle with yourself as you are with the rest of the world.  It’s about honoring your soul on the same level that you honor your beloveds.  You are not different or deserving of any less treatment than anyone else in this world.  We are all created equal.
Self-love is standing up for yourself.  It’s about understanding your worth wholly and completely.  It is offering appropriate communication and boundaries when necessary to keep the “testers” in our lives in line.
Self-love is nourishing your soul with positive self-talk and actions.  It is about taking removing all demeaning, judgmental and harsh language we speak to self and replacing them with loving, supportive statements.  With this, we fill our own cup and when we fill our own cup we stop seeking outside ourselves in hopes that another will fill it for us. 
Self-love is personal dignity and respect.  When we honor and respect ourselves, others in turn will honor and respect us.  The respect and honor we give to self, is in direct proportion to the permission we give others how to treat us.
Self-love is learning to tap into the courage that has been lying in wait for far too long.  Courage that has the capacity to move us into our best life ever!  Courage we muster up when we know that our best life waits on the other side of our greatest fears and to achieve this, we must go get it!
Self-love has a remarkable way of making us more attractive to others.  It gives us license to personify our souls which gives others the opportunity to see us as we truly are.  Our authenticity in turn helps to build trust, confidence and intimate relationships. With self-love, our life begins to fall into place.  We suffer less.  We are more joyful and passionate. We respond to people from a higher vibrational energy.  Our egos deflate and we become better lovers, mothers, friends, siblings and co-workers. 
Choosing self-love is about finally saying ENOUGH to our doormat tendencies of yesterday and saying YES to a wonderful new life brimming with delicious new opportunities and amazing new people! 
Self-love is the Great Miracle Cure!

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