The Lead Cloak – Sleepwalking

December 4th, 2014

I choose not to live under the guise of superficiality just to fit it. It feels like a lead cloak. I choose not to pretend that trivial matters matter when I know that love, compassion, truth and forgiveness are what matters most. I choose not to dim my truth/light in order not to “offend” those who have not yet opened their eyes. I choose to live “uncomfortably” in order to keep my heart wide open to truth and healing.

Life under the cloak was stifling, painful and limiting. I began to wake up and I did not want to go back to sleep. Life is too short to live topically when God intended us to live our depths.

When we choose to sleepwalk rather than fully wake up, we limit our brilliance and abundance. We limit all that Spirit is holding in escrow for us. Life does not have to be as hard as we make it. All it takes is opening our hearts and minds to more. So much more!

When we think we already know it all, we have claimed limits in our lives. We cannot possibly know it all nor have we expended all our glorious spiritual gifts and brilliance. To stay within the confines of limited thinkers and negativity is to blanket our lives in nuclear fallout. It will indeed decay our souls and cause cancerous thoughts to take over and rule our lives.

The truth tellers in our lives are not here to hurt us. Oh no! On the contrary, our truth tellers are here to help us stretch out of our comfort zones. To reach further into our souls and reveal what we already know, but have forgotten – the information and inner knowing that we are too afraid to look at for fear of rocking our comfortable and recognizable patterns. We simply cannot change anything in our lives unless or until we choose a different perception.

Perception changes everything. With a change in perception, we automatically change our direction. If we do not like where we currently are or have tired of the same old struggles plaguing our lives over and over again, it’s time to reach, stretch and challenge your mind and limited thinking to what is really true for you. You already know what ignites your passion and jumpstarts your heart. The time has come to embrace it, own it, embody it and the way to do this is by releasing the fears of the unknown and boldly taking empowering steps toward your dreams.

You can have all that you have ever desired. You were worthy of it the day you were born. Nobody’s words, beliefs or negativity can take from you what God has given you unless you willingly hand it over. It’s time to step out from under the lead cloak and take your freedom back!


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