Book Testimonials

 “I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book as I relate my life challenges to many things written therein. The way you describe your life experiences speaks volumes to me about similar things that have happened in my life. By you relating to various challenges and how you dealt with them is an inspiration to me and helps me in developing a road map to self improvement. This book is not written based on religion but is spiritual in nature and I would highly recommend it for personal power in life truths and developing relationships.”
Danny, Retired, Abilene, Texas

“From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment has truly been a blessing to my life. Kristen writes in a way that made it easy for me to relate to my life. She has given me the tools to empower my life! So thankful for Kristen and her wisdom.  Just finished the book last night and was sad that it ended!   Definitely will be rereading this.  “
Cassie Snow, Administration, Phoenix, AZ

“Many times while reading this book I found myself saying YES! out loud.  Kristen has the clarity of thought and the gift of understanding without judgment of the doormat in all of us that really hits home.  You will want to read this book again and again!”
Lisa, Hair Stylist – San Diego, CA

“From Doormat To Sweet Empowerment is the exact permission I have needed through many stages of life to shed old patterns/beliefs/behaviors and become both empowered by and well versed in the language of my deserving.  Kristen lays out this step by step guide with both compassion and empathy within the victory of her own relatable story.  If you’re looking for the strength to live as a woman (or man) of power, this is your “how to” manual.  Thank you, Kristen, for years of much needed validation into a weekend with your loving words.  This read has been a gift.”
Amy, Health and Wellness Practitioner, Phoenix, Arizona


Actual client copy filled with notes and a remarkable increase in personal empowerment!

“Kristen’s book, From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment, couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time. Earlier in the day, we’d found out that our elderly neighbor had passed some time ago in her house. No one had noticed her quiet death and the guilt that weighed upon me for not knowing, for not following my instincts was crushing. Later, I needed a distraction from my own swirling grief and saw Kristen’s book waiting patiently for me on the bedside table. It was God’s will that this book was with me that night, for as I reached the section about forgiveness and self love, heavy burdens and the affirmation of self-forgiveness, it was as if the guilt was lifted and I was able to step back and say, “Julie, this is not your fault.” With the aide of Kristin’s gifted words, I was able to overcome my guilt and grief and accept that I had done everything I could.

We each carry our own burdens, some of us carry burdens from long ago, others carry new responsibilities and grief. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we’re not just a doormat, but strong, loving children of God. From Doormat to Sweet Empowerment helps remind us that we are worthy of happiness, we are worthy of love, and we are worthy of our own empowerment.”
-Julie, Photographer,  Alaska

Coaching Testimonials

“Kristen has a way of understanding exactly where you are at because she has been there herself. Her words and questions are delivered with kindness and love truly meant for our healing and bettering ourselves.” 

-Doug, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve seen 6 different therapists and I’ve always walked away from our sessions more confused!  Every session with Kristen leaves me feeling clear and inspired!

 -Jennifer, Dental Assistant, Phoenix, AZ

“You resonate so well with us common “folks”! Don’t get me wrong, I love the Oprahs, Deepaks, Iyanlas, and etc. of the world who teach magnificent things. However, I’m more drawn to learn and bask in the knowledge from someone who I can relate to that’s on the same “level” as myself. It feels more touchable for me and others that I’ve turned onto your page. We all appreciate you and please know your “door-mating” was not in vain my dear! It’s breathing life and love into us all!”

-Sophia Towns, Atlanta, Georgia

“Kristen is a powerhouse of intuition and presence coupled with a meeting of where one is that leaves you feeling very supported and heard in a way I personally never have had outside of the space she holds. If you are ready to move things in your life at a pace that best serves your highest good- Kristen is exactly where to start! Moment after- progressive moment- Kristen is a gift!”
Amy, Tempe, AZ

“Working with Kristen is spiritually exhilarating. She helped me see my inner self and allowed me to express emotions and help understand my emotional insight like never before.”
Ian, Scottsdale, AZ

“Coaching with Kristen is amazing! Things I had been struggling with for a long time, she helped me find answers to in a snap!”
Patty, Phoenix, AZ

“Kristen has such a wonderful way about her. She is always upbeat and positive. She is very intuitive to everything that is around her. She is very tapped into the spiritual universe, and uses the vibes she receives to help others. Life coaching comes naturally to her. She helps facillitate understanding to what you are thinking and helps to put reason and clarity to many issues you have of yourself and others. She is a excellent motivator to get you out of your comfort zone and move on with what you want to accomplish.”
Shari, Phoenix, AZ

“You single handedly hand my highest to myself as a wrapped gift. All the years I’ve felt so lost and misunderstood- they feel erased. Thank you for seeing me.”
Amy, Scottsdale, AZ

“Kristen’s innate sense of intuition and wisdom guided me and allowed me to realize that I held my own answers. Working with Kristen empowered me to take control over obstacles in my life that were holding me back. What a WONDERFUL feeling!! Thank you, Krissi!!”
Paula, Paradise Valley

“Kristen is an amazing Spiritual Life Coach! Her ability to stay centered and focused even when I get off on a tangent is amazing. Plus she is able to bring me back to center very quickly and easily. My sessions with her have been remarkable!”
Rachel, Mesa, AZ

“Kristen is a natural at helping people through difficult situations. She has a gift to create a secure environment where one can freely work through emotions and find solutions without being lead or steered in a particular direction. Kristen’s strength is listening without placing judgment. She is able to be open while listening. Kristen is absolutely wonderful at hearing the problem and helping you work through whatever may be bothering you.”
A.D., Houston, TX


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