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Unworthiness is a plague on this planet and the root cause of all we do and do not do in our lives.

It is the unconscious mechanism that lies hidden in our psyche that limits our lives and stops us from fully owning and experiencing all the abundance that is ours for the taking.

By healing our self-worth, we can attract the relationship of our dreams, the career we’ve always desired and the inner peace our soul has been craving.

If you are:

  • Tired of attracting partners that fall short
  • Tired of not standing up for yourself
  • Tired of playing small to fit in with the world 
  • Tired of being to afraid to try something new
  • Tired of everyone else getting the good stuff in life
  • Or plainly just sick and tired of being sick and tired…

… chances are you are not living within your true potential as a remarkable and miraculous spirit!

Many relationship experts and self-improvement authors will tell you to love yourself, but most often we have no idea what that really means or how to get there!

You may have tried in the past to change your behaviors (and it may have worked momentarily) only to find yourself slipping right back into your same old comfortable patterns of yore.

Are you ready to heal your self-sabotaging behaviors for good?

Are you ready to claim your worth and step into the life you’ve always desired?

If the answer is YES, you have found the right book!

In From Doormat To Sweet Empowerment, Kristen Brown teaches the “How To” of self-worth recovery through the application and dedication to healing 9 key areas in your life.

After a devastating life event rocked her world, Kristen Brown set course to uncover once and for all the culprit behind her repeated pattern of disrespectful and non-reciprocal relationships.

The miraculous changes in her confidence and personal empowerment exceeded far beyond what she ever expected!  She organically discovered that healing her unworthiness was the key to living the life she had always desired.

Consequently, her healing and insight ignited a passion to share her discoveries with the world.


Worthiness will not allow disrespectful treatment from others.

Worthiness knows when to set firm boundaries and how to maintain them.

Worthiness  gives “voice” to our needs, wants and desires.

Worthiness knows how stop compromising our values and morals for others.

Worthiness gives us courage to chase our passions and fulfill our dreams.

Worthiness knows how valuable we are.

Worthiness is confidence and… Worthiness is SWEET EMPOWERMENT!

If you are truly ready to change your life forever, this is where your journey begins!


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Here’s to healing your self-worth for good!


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