Love Yourself in Order to Receive Love

February 5th, 2012

What is the one thing that everyone on this planet craves…?  Love!  So often people search outside themselves for this love and end up still feeling empty and alone.  Until we can truly, unconditionally love ourselves, we paradoxically, will serve as a block to allowing love in.  We are actually standing in our own way of receiving the love we so desperately crave.  On some level we feel undeserving of such love and that makes it hard to recognize once it presents itself.  In this, I am not necessarily speaking of romantic love.  I am speaking of the gentle words, loving deeds and acts of kindness from others that we may be overlooking daily because deep inside we are loathing ourselves.  We unconsciously cannot see our own beauty and uniqueness so we honestly don’t believe that anyone else can.
Have you ever received a compliment and thought (or even said out loud), “Nah, they don’t really mean that. There must be a hidden motive behind their words”?  The shadow behind those thoughts is this: Somewhere inside you don’t truly believe that you are worthy of such praise (love).  So you continue to block the love that is coming to you and your quest for love only perpetuates.  No matter what anyone says to you, you still cannot accept the love and are left feeling forever empty.  How does one move past this endless cycle of pain you wonder?
First, we must become highly aware of our self-talk.  The dialogue we have with ourselves can make or break our day and our self-esteem.  Anything that is other than kind and gentle we must toss out!  It’s perfectly fine (and encouraged) to recognize a mistake, but to dwell in it only perpetuates a negative feeling about self.  Allow yourself to be human and fallible.  Forgive yourself for your mistakes easily and give yourself the grace that God/Spirit/Source gives to us every day, all day.  Begin your day recognizing something kind, gentle or loving that you did and honor yourself for the love that you are.  Be willing to literally pat yourself on the back or speak a “Yay me!” when you complete a task or do something outside your comfort zone.  This may sound trite or just too easy because… it is that easy!  However, it does take a committed effort to dig yourself out of this cycle.  No one can do this for you. You can choose to be your own worst enemy or your very best friend.
None of us are an accident.  We are all here on purpose and each one of us holds valuable gifts to share with this world.  This is undisputable. No one person is more deserving than another. We are all derived from the same essence of love (God) and have built in specialties that set us apart from others. Look inside (and continue this always) for the beauty of you.  When you finally love and cherish the wonder of you, you will be open to the bounty of love that has always been there.  You will begin to resonate at a higher energy level and additionally, you will begin to attract even more love into your life!
With Love,
Kristen Brown

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