Lightworker By Amy Joon

March 16th, 2011

Dear Friends,
I have the honor of knowing an amazing woman whose words are melodies and songs everytimes she speaks.  She has the amazing gift of piecing nouns and verbs together to give one just the perfect blend of truth mixed with metaphor.  I could listen to her speak for hours.  She could recite the makings of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich like it was a Beethoven Symphony.  For those of you who know her, you know what I mean!
In honor of my friend, Amy, and her beautiful words written about those of us who wish to be light and love in the world…
He hollowed out the thick of my trunk and buried in it a wardrum so the tribe could call the soldiers to battle.
We would assemble in the dark of the wood and bathe in the peace of the trickling light the sun hands down thru leaves and shades of orange, yellow, what’s left of green.
We are armed with mouths of love.
Use language to dress the wounds of humanity.
Teach roots and reach people back into the center of themselves.
There will be bliss in the gentle of our intention.
We are soldiers of light in the army of love and our purpose will be to inflict billions with a connection to source that makes them dance in the rain- naked- or painted with flowers.
Because- life, it means to rest easy in our bones.
We can finally settle into a bartering of the everything everyone can need.
And breathe so very easy.
We came here to learn to come back to love- to teach togetherness- and live connection.
The limbs of our arms reach for the sky, the roots of our trunks anchor into the ground and we claim earth with our connection to the heavens.
Breeze blows thru the tangles in our hair…
We are naked in the space of eachother even when we are fully clothed for we finally- everyone- realize we are each the other.
Nothing separates us… Sets us apart. We breathe. Thirst for water.
Long to be loved and to nurture with our own breath…
There never has been any such thing as time or space.
Everything that there ever is going to be is THIS NOW. A blend of all realities…
And then the drum in my chest it beats slowly.
In our language of unspoken words we mime gratitude for this collective intention- realized.
Love is the space we hold to create ones safety with themselves.
We can only be responsible inside of our own journeys.
It is in our solidarity that we can stand- arms hooked- sustainably living off this land.

While we are in need of inner dependence we cannot master it without an independence that voids relying on any system or belief that other than empowers our war drums as the machine.
In this brotherhood of love, entwined by contracts- sacred- we have all agreed to raise the vibration by being the pieces of the collective whole…
If we stand back far enough- lose our need to take it all personally- choose to know that we have all been the betraye.r as equally as the betraye.d, the love.r as often as the love.d, the in addition to the wound.ed- the judgment can slip away- we make room for more and more love.
 We sleep happier. And then tomorrow morning, when we wake up- the Masterpiece becomes our integration.
We can dismantle the army of love and live as a world nation of Light….
It is time to live our Brotherhood.
If we’re all willing, we can re-ignite the sky and shatter the illusion of separate…
And remind all of ourselves- We are One magnificent Whole.
~Amy Joon 

3 responses to “Lightworker By Amy Joon”

  1. joon says:

    Im blushing. Im not sure I can make pb&j sound quite so romantic- but I will now spend my days growing into the writer who can.
    Thank you for your big, bright, beautiful light Kristen. And for living in a Love that sees mine.

  2. I am honored to call you friend.

  3. joon says:

    As I am honored to call you mine.

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