Forgive Yourself

September 11th, 2014

Dear one, you have only made a mistake.  Mistakes are part of the experience of being human on this planet.  A mistake does not mean there is something exclusively wrong with you.  It merely points to a moment in time when we were listening more to our lower self rather than our higher self.  In each moment in time, we get to choose our actions and words through the filter of love or the filter of fear.  A mistake is merely an indicator that (this time) we have chosen fear.

Many people float through life never recognizing or taking responsibility for their mistakes.  This behavior only serves the ego by keeping the person separated from transformation, growth and a new enlightened path forward.  Discovering and admitting our mistakes is actually a means to end our suffering.  Once we learn where we have detoured off path, we can correct our trajectory.  Without it, we would continue our patterned behavior which will continue our suffering.

The first and most important step after discovering our mistake(s) is to forgive ourselves.  Be willing to give yourself a full-ownership, heartfelt apology.  With this, we soothe our souls and teach ourselves that we are safe in our own care- that we are forgivable and lovable.  When we feel safe within our own care, we begin to trust our inner knowing and make better and better choices.

I remember when I finally humbled enough to admit to myself the truth about some past behavior of my own…  At first I felt awful and then… I felt joyful!  What I had been hiding from myself was the key to my spiritual evolution.   I remembered that I am human, fallible and forgivable and I gave myself a genuine apology.  Almost instantaneously, the heavy burden of my misstep was lifted from my shoulders.  I felt free!  Free to love myself.  Free to choose differently in the future.  And consequently, I felt motivated and empowered enough to go back through my “story” to locate other mistakes and release myself from the burden of them as well.

Remember, we learn from our mistakes.  If we were perfect, there would be no reason for us to be here having this experience.  To beat ourselves up for a moment in time when we lost conscious contact with Who we are, is to create distress in our hearts.  It’s to perpetuate our lack of self-worth and to keep us rooted in conditioned behaviors and pain.

It is important to remember to be gentle and loving with ourselves on our path to self-worth and empowerment.  Give yourself the love your soul craves and remember…  it takes way more strength to admit where you’ve got wrong than to stubbornly refuse not to.

With Love,
Kristen Brown

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