Courage is Fear Walking

July 22nd, 2017

Courage is fear walking.

Courage… is fear walking.

Courage IS fear walking.

I was raised in a house and neighborhood full of boys. If I hesitated for a moment to do that “scary” thing they were planning I was left behind. They didn’t wait for me or try to talk me into it, they just left.

I learned very early in life my choice was to jump in or regret that I didn’t.  (When I say “scary” I don’t mean anything dangerous)

One of the blessings of my upbringing was learning to feel the fear and doing it anyway.

And the most magical part is I was always so glad I did! Ironically, the “scary” part always turned out to be fractional to what my mind imagined it would be. Secondly, instead of walking away feeling like I shouldn’t have done it, I always felt exhilarated to do more! Acting fro a courageous place boosted my confidence and inspired to get out there and experience more!

This practice showed back up in my life about 7 years ago when I was asked to be a guest on a live morning show here in Phoenix. Even though I had a massive fear of public speaking, I did not want to feel regret for saying no. I said yes, then completely freaked out! But even though I was petrified, I didn’t back out. That morning I went before a studio audience and five cameras the size of Wooley Mammoths aimed directly on me.

And the magic of my childhood happened again. When my 5-minute segment was over I felt like jumping off the stage with my arms and legs stretched out like a jack while screaming: YES!!  That was awesome!! I want to do that again!!! (I was invited back 3 more times)

My drive to teach empowerment on a larger scale began in that very moment. Now I write for huge online magazines, have an awesome coaching practice and was invited to appear on the TD Jakes show on the Oprah Winfrey Network all because I said yes to something that scared the begeezus out of me 7 years ago.

Siblings, It is time to stop procrastinating and do that thing you deeply desire to do. Life is not going to wait for you or try to talk you into it. It is your job to cultivate your courage and get walking! A life of no regrets is the best life ever!

Much Love,



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