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From My Heart to Yours~

Although I’ve always been outspoken, spunky and a high achiever, I always had a deep seated, unconscious notion that I was not worthy enough to have what I truly wanted out of life. I played small in order to not offend or upset others and I often spoke my boundaries, but was incapable of backing them with confidence and empowerment.

In 2009, life challenged me with a dreadful experience that left me staggering to regain my footing and desperately searching for peace and understanding. I fumbled around in the dark hopelessly looking for the woman I once was, but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

By mid 2010, I set course to regain my footing in life and find myself. I had no idea what this would look like, if I would be successful or who I would become, but I had to try! I fondly refer to that time as The College of Kristen as it was a time of concentrated focus, awareness and growth.

The transformation crept in as gently as a butterfly on the breeze. I had no idea the shift that was taking place until one day I noticed myself doing things differently – I made decisions that supported my well-being without fear of disapproval, I no longer shied away from great opportunities, I was more confident, centered and most of all peaceful.

The disempowered girl of yesteryear was replaced by a woman I had always wished I could be.

I was so astounded by the transformation I felt driven to share my recipe for empowerment with the world. I wanted to shout from the rooftops, “You don’t have to suffer behind your unworthiness any more! There IS a way!”

In late 2011 I became a certified spiritual life coach and in October of 2014, I published my first book outlining the 9 keys areas I focused on that transformed my life forever!

I thank you for visiting my website and I sincerely hope my book, blogs, stories, interviews and guest articles inspire you to take your power back once and for all!

You matter. You always have. It’s time to believe it and live it!

I believe in you!

Kristen Brown


Kristen Brown is an Relationship Healing and Self-Worth Recovery life coach, Author and Speaker. Her deep desire to help others reach their full potential blossomed in adolescence and later became her life’s work after she experienced a profound betrayal that catalyzed a major internal transformation of her self-worth.

Kristen Brown’s neutrality and non-judgment can be felt by anyone who has ever shared space with her. She has been called the “real deal” by many of her clients as she is unabashedly open about her experiences, follies, mistakes and history.

Kristen Brown was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona where she continues to reside with her three beautiful children and her amazing life mate she calls “the gift and result of my healing”.

To work with Kristen is to feel seen, heard and understood like you never have been before! She is a spiritual cheerleader!

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