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Attracting an ideal partner is not as difficult as it’s made out to be. In this guide, I show you give you five energy shifters to help you attract a better partner for your relationship.


Are you ready to heal your relationships and life?

Hello! I am Kristen Brown - a master certified spiritual and empowerment life coach & mentor. 

After a life event (I call "my tsunami") devastated my life, I realized something was definitely not working! I knew there had to be a way to have the beautiful life I had always craved and I was determined to find out how. 

I did my work. 

The result was a massive shift in my consciousness and self-worth. My years of struggle finally made sense! I had been lacking the inner healing and tools I needed to cultivate and enjoy the magical life I had always wanted!

My life's calling and passion became helping men and women do their work to experience the life and relationships they've always craved. There is a way, my friends, and I can help you get there!

Clients have come to me for:

Disconnected and Struggling Relationships

Divorce Recovery

Attracting Ideal Partner

Anxiety Recovery

Career Changes

No matter what struggle area brought them in, each and every client has said,

"This stuff really works!"

From my soul to yours, Welcome! You've been guided to the right place! 

Congratulate yourself for taking the first necessary step to reclaiming your personal power in your relationships and life!

With Much Love,


A Raving Fan!

In one session, Kristen taught me more than 16 years of therapy with 8 different therapists! Her wisdom, experience and knowledge far surpasses anything I have experienced in my life. For the first time in my life I have a great relationship and I couldn’t be happier!  Thank you, Kristen! 

~Jennifer, Phoenix, AZ

Another Raving Fan!

I had no idea what I needed, I just knew I needed help. From the first session with Kristen I could feel she was different. She understood me in a way that no one ever has. She helped me get to the core of my relationship troubles and helped me to heal parts of myself I had no idea existed! I am forever grateful for Kristen Brown!

~Shawn, Phoenix, AZ