Relationship Healing & Self-Worth Recovery

"All we do and do not do in life is directly proportional to our level of self-worth. Heal your self-worth, heal your life!"

– KB

How to Know When It’s Time to End a Friendship

June 27th, 2016

 Kristen Brown In my not-so-distant-past I had a terrible habit of staying in friendships long after the person had repeatedly shown me who they were or more importantly, who they were not. I’m fantastic at seeing below the surface of others’ behaviors and extending unending grace, compassion and acceptance. Although those traits make me... Read More

When Friends Unfriend Us

June 20th, 2016

 Kristen Brown Losing a friend can make us feel like there is something wrong with us. After all, if there wasn’t wouldn’t they still be our friend? I used to think this way, but not anymore. Having gone through this situation/feeling a few times, I began to notice there was a common denominator that ran congruent with my “unfriend... Read More

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